England Fencing Flag Patches


England Fencing woven patches are especially designed to be worn on their own or over GBR patches when appropriate.  Because they are woven, they are not thick or inflexible and are easier to sew!

The patches are slightly larger than the GBR colours worn on legs or arms so that fencers can sew them over the top when representing England and remove them again afterwards.    For fencers representing England only, they can be sewn neatly onto breeches or jacket to make a smooth image that will not fade in the wash.

 Foil fencers will require two leg patches and two arm patches.  £18.00

 Epee fencers will require two leg patches and one arm patch.   £13.50

 Sabre fencers will require two leg patches.  £9.00

Individual patches £4.50 each.  We also offer double packs (for two fencing kits or two fencers) for each weapon.  Select your pack from the list below…

Commonwealth Championships:  While we will make every effort, we cannot guarantee that items ordered after 25 July will be delivered before the Commonwealth Championships.    Patches and Socks can be ordered up to 1 August.

Check out the range of England Fencing kit.

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SQUAD Patch Kit – 2 Leg Patches, Foil – 2 leg patches, 2 arm patches, Epee – 2 leg patches, 1 arm patch, Sabre – 2 leg patches, 1 Single Arm Patch, 1 Single Leg Patch, Foil – 2 Packs (2 fencing kits), Epee – 2 Packs (2 fencing kits), Sabre – 2 Packs (2 fencing kits), 2 Arm Patches


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